Simple Tips For Anti-Aging Skin Care

Most people begin to care about anti-aging treatments when they see signs of aging like wrinkles in the eye area, or fine lines on the face. You may start a skin care routine for anti-aging in your 30s.

Here are some simple tips for anti-aging skin care that you can try:

1. Applying Healthy Lifestyle

With a healthy lifestyle, we will avoid some bad things that make the body experience premature aging. Before applying a healthy lifestyle, no one controls what you do and you eat. Unlike when a healthy lifestyle begins to be applied, there will be some taboos that you should avoid. Generally when you apply a healthy lifestyle then you will stay away from smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, oily food and fast food. The food will have an adverse effect on your body, one of which is the appearance of wrinkles on the face.

Conversely with a healthy lifestyle such as applying a regular exercise that makes the muscles of the body trained. This trained body muscle will make the skin healthy and toned so that the wrinkles will not come. Vegetables, fruits as well as drinking 8 glasses of mineral water every day become mandatory menu every day. With adequate intake of nutrients, will help the body facilitate the process of metabolism so the skin will be toned with natural.

2. Using Anti Aging Serum And Facial Care Cream

In addition to healthy living and balanced nutritional intake, facial treatments with facial creams and anti-aging serum can also be a counterweight. Today there are so many serum and facial creams on the market. The products are competing to attract consumers to buy it. Well, serum and face care cream that does not all have a good effect for the face. There are apparently cause side effects that you do not want.

If you are still confused to choose which serum and facial cream is safe, just use Lucent Skin Anti Aging Cream. Lucent Cream Anti Aging Cream is one of the specially formulated Facial Treatments to prevent and treat wrinkles around the face and neck, with extra peptide to delay and prevent premature aging.

Benefits of Lucent Skin Anti Aging Cream:
1. Make your face, toned and chewy healthy glow.
2. Able to stimulate collagen production.
3. Make skin look youthful.
4. Prevent and overcome wrinkles on face and neck.
5. Delay and reduce the effects of premature aging.

How to use:
Use Lucent Skin Anti Aging Cream every night and morning before using a morning cream or night cream.

Let stand for a moment so that anti-aging serum soaked perfectly.


7 Steps How To Overcome Dry Skin Naturally

Having a healthy skin, beautiful and soft is everyone’s dream, but sometimes a lot of things that cause skin tend to dry and not healthy. Even if the skin is experiencing severe drought can cause skin to become irritated. To deal with dry skin, of course we must know things that can cause dry skin.

One factor of the body that causes dry skin is reduced even the loss of natural oils on the skin surface. Reduced or even loss of natural oils on the surface of the skin may be due to intake of food consumed and bad habits that can lead to dry skin. Even the wrong skin care can cause dry skin.

The usual action when dry skin is usually using bodylotion or moisturizer to make skin feel moist and not dry anymore, and consume lots of water. However, the use of a moisturizer or bodylotion only gives a temporary effect and then the skin will become dry again.

In order for your skin to stay healthy, moist and not dry many ways you can choose to treat your dry skin in addition to using a moisturizer. Here are some ways to deal with dry skin naturally, with the following natural ingredients your dry skin will disappear and re-healthy and moist again.

1. Avocados, bananas and papaya

Avocado, banana and papaya in addition to famous for its fiber is good for digestion, it turns out these three fruit has the benefits for beauty one of which is to overcome dry skin.
You can use avocado, banana and papaya as a natural mask to prevent dry skin. The way is quite easy, avocado, banana and papaya are cooked in mixed into one. After that mash the fruit mixture until smooth.

If it is smooth, apply on body parts such as hands, feet, neck, face and other dry skin areas. After that leave for about 15 minutes to dry. Rinse with warm water. For optimal results, do it twice a week.

2. Apple

Apple is famous for its benefits that can rejuvenate the skin, thus making the skin stay healthy. In the apple fruit contains potassium and tannin substances that are useful to keep the skin moisture so that the skin does not dry easily and make the skin stay shining.

In order for your skin to stay healthy, you can use apples as a medicine to overcome dry skin. The trick is very easy, namely the apple grate, then the dregs from the grated is applied to the body or dry skin. If it’s 20 minutes, rinse with cold water.

3. Cucumber

Cucumber has a substance that is good for skin health. That’s why many beauty products use cucumber as the main ingredient. If you are experiencing dry skin, do not need to use beauty products with a decent price, simply by using the dregs of grated cucumber, then apply on the face or areas of dry skin. Allow to absorb for about 15 minutes, then rinse with cold water.

4. Egg yolk

Eggs are not only used as foods rich in protein. Eggs can also be used as ingredients for hair and skin beauty. For those of you who have problems with the skin, especially dry skin, you can use egg yolk as an alternative to treat dry skin.

The trick is to mix 1 teaspoon egg yolk with 1 teaspoon of honey and 2 teaspoons milk powder. Stir until evenly to form a paste. Apply on the body as well as other areas of dry skin. Let stand for approximately 15 minutes. Then rinse with cold water.

5. Honey

Honey is well known for its benefits for both body and skin health. Honey has benefits in maintaining skin moisture and able to brighten the skin. Even honey is often used as a remedy to keep the lips moist. Well, if you have dry skin, can use honey as a medicine.

The trick is to mix half a teaspoon of honey with a little rose water. Apply on dry areas of skin. Let stand for 15 minutes then rinse with warm water.

6. Almond Oil

Want to have healthy skin beautiful and dry free? Almond oil is one of the most powerful alternatives. In addition to some of the above-mentioned ingredients, Almond oil is one of the best and most natural ingredients that has powerful benefits in dealing with skin problems, especially dry and cracked skin.

The trick is very easy, just apply a little almond oil on the face, dry skin area and even the whole body. Use before bath.

7. Lime

Lime is undoubtedly a benefit to skin health. Besides beneficial to treat acne, lemon works to cleanse the skin so the skin will look brighter.

In order to keep your skin healthy and not dry, use a mixture of lemon and avocado that has been mashed. Apply to dry skin, let stand for 20 minutes then rinse thoroughly using cold water.

Some natural way tips to overcome dry skin you can apply as a skin care treatment that does not need to spend a big budget.

Hopefully with this natural way this skin will come back healthy and pretty natural as before.

Sequence Of Skincare To Get Clear Skin Of Korean Women

Basically, Korean skincare products start from the product with the most liquid consistency then end with the most concentrated creamy product. Surely starting from cleaning the face first. At night, the products are used more because you have to clean up the remnants of makeup, dirt, and dust that stick in depth.

Skincare products will also absorb better during sleep at night, so the use of masks is also added at night for maximum effect.


Cleansing process is important to do especially at night. Although you do not use makeup, sebum and dirt on your skin can cause acne and blackheads if not cleaned in depth. You can lift it all with oil cleanser, then followed by a foam cleanser to clean the remains of the dirt more thoroughly. This stage is also important because the foam cleanser can restore the pH of the skin to balance without lifting the natural oils produced by the skin.
When cleaning the face with foam cleanser, can also be used cleansing brushes like pore brush, konjac sponge, or other cleaning tool that can lift the dirt thoroughly.

2. Toner

Korean toners generally contain ingredients that moisturize and tighten the skin to prepare the skin condition to be able to absorb the skincare products used later. Usually the consistency is slightly thicker than water and contains moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, witch hazel, aloe vera extract, etc.


There are two types of essence commonly used by Koreans, namely first essence and regular essence. Both types of essence is indeed similar and both textured liquid so quickly absorbed into the skin. Essence products generally also contain nutritious ingredients for your skin and can improve the effectiveness of the skincare products used thereafter. Not all Koreans use first essence, but the regular essence remains a part of beauty products that must be used in Korea.


If you use a care product with certain functions such as whitening, brightening, pore tightening, or spot treatment products, use this step. Includes vitamin C products with a liquid consistency. However, please note that the use of vitamin C can peel away dead skin cells so the skin becomes more sensitive when exposed to sunlight. If you use vitamin C during the day, make sure you use sunblock in the final stages.

5. BHA & AHA

BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid) and AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) are 2 types of exfoliator formula that can reduce fine lines, prevent wrinkles, remove acne, blackheads, and skin pigmentation. BHA works to remove blackheads and cleanse the skin to the deepest pore layers. AHAs work on the surface of the skin layer to expel white comedones, disguise scars, pigmentation, and fine lines. If you use BHA & AHA care products, be sure to use them before using serum and ampoules. Both of these products can also be used during the day, as long as do not forget to wear sunblock.


Although many people consider ampoules and serums to be the same product, they are slightly different. Not all Korean women use these two products, either just ampoules or serum only, depending on the need. Ampoules usually contain 1 type of material with a very high concentrate to treat a skin problem. While serum generally has a consistency that is more viscous than ampoule and contains many ingredients in a high concentrate to overcome various problems. Serum products are also often used by American / European women to overcome problems such as practical anti-aging used.

7. Sheet Mask

Sheet mask or face mask is commonly used Korean women 3 times a week at night. Sometimes, they also use face masks before using makeup to make skin look healthy glow. If used at night, a facial mask can help “lock in” previously used skincare products to be more effective. After 20-30 minutes, do not forget to massage the remnants of mask products that are still attached to the face to improve blood flow and products more easily absorbed by the skin.


If your skin is dry and sensitive, essential oils can also be added for extra nutrition and moisture. Generally, the type of oil used is jojoba oil, argan oil, tea tree oil, until a combination of various types of essential oil to overcome the problems on facial skin. Generally, essential oil is mixed with a few drops and used in conjunction with the application of emulsion, lotion, or cream.


Almost all skincare products from Korea have emulsion, or moisturizing products with lightweight texture. Usually the texture is like a lotion that contains milk and is slightly white. If you have combination skin and oily, emulsion can be the right choice because it feels light.


The skin around the eyes is the thinest part of the skin, but it is also the fastest part of aging. As you get older, you will feel the eye area becomes drier and more slack. If this happens, use an eye cream to prevent signs of aging continue. Not only Korean brands, many American brand beauty products continue to promote how important the use of eye cream for anti-aging.


The lotion here is a facial lotion with a thicker consistency of emulsion, but not as thick as a cream for the face. Usually suitable for use as a moisturizer for normal and combination skin types. Generally, lotions are also accompanied by various effects for solutions to skin problems such as whitening effects, and moisturizing.


You who have sensitive or dry skin types will be more suitable to use a cream type moisturizer. Generally, facial creams are used in the daytime filled with nutrients that can improve the skin’s protective layer, improve skin elasticity, and can stimulate the production of collagen in the skin. While night cream is used at night will work well when you sleep. At around 10 PM, the skin will enter the recovery cycle, so it is the most optimal sleep time for beautiful skin. Normally, night cream contains many nutrients and is able to keep your skin moist until you wake up later.


Still not enough to end the skin care routine, the last used product at night is called the sleeping mask. Yes, this facial mask is used before bed and just rinsed the next morning. This sleeping mask aims to “lock” it so that all the skincare products you have used in the previous stages do not dry out during sleep, but are absorbed by the skin well. If you only use a few skincare products, an additional sleeping mask will certainly have a significant effect to improve its effectiveness. In America, now sleeping cook has started to be known and widely used by women.


It’s incomplete if you do not have sunscreen or sunblock in a range of skincare products at home. There are many types of UV rays from various Korean brands, and Korean women are aware of how important the role of sunblock is. Moreover, 90% cause skin aging because it is caused by exposure to sunlight. By applying sunblock every day from a young age, you will help prevent aging on your own face. If you have not used sunblock regularly everSequence Of Skincare To Get Clear Skin Of Korean Women sunblock to protect your facial skin.

Apparently the use of skin care Korea that many in number and there own sequence. Although it looks complicated, this is done so that skin care can work optimally.

Order Using the Right Night Skincare!

You feel your night skincare does not bring any change to your skin? Maybe you do it wrong! Not only makeup that needs to be used in sequence, it also needs to be sorted skincare.

1. Makeup Remover / Cleanser

Cleaning makeup is very important for the health of your skin and prevent skin problems such as pimples, blackheads, and large pores. In fact, the makeup that sticks long in the face can also accelerate the signs of aging, like wrinkles and black spots. So, makeup and face cleansing becomes the first and most important step at night.

2. Exfoliator
Cleaning dead skin cells is very important to clean the dirt and dead skin cells that clog the pores so that the face can be free of acne and large pores. Do this treatment at least 2 times a week to provide deep cleansing on your skin. Skin that is free from dead skin is certainly able to absorb serum and other night care products better.

3. Toner

After cleansing your skin optimally, it’s time to take care of it! Start your skin care using toner. Regular use of toner tonight will provide many benefits to your skin’s beauty such as balancing pH levels, moisturizing the skin, shrinking pores, and cleansing the skin surface. Using toner after cleansing the face can also provide freshness and a sense of comfort on the skin.

4. Serum

Always use a skincare with a lighter formula (liquid) until it has the thickest texture and solid order. Because skincare with a lightweight and liquid formula is specially designed to be absorbed more quickly into the skin so it can dry quickly.

For that, you should apply your face serum after using toner because if you use the cream first, then the heavy cream texture will block the pores so that the serum can not pervasive perfect.

5. Eye Cream

Now it’s time you switch to skincare products with heavier textures. You can use eye cream or eye cream first in the eye bag area before using your night cream. This is done so that eye cream can work optimally because it is not covered by night cream. This eye treatment is excellent for removing dark circles and rejuvenating tired eyes.

6. Moisturizer

If you are the owner of a dry skin type, then it is advisable for you to use a moisturizer before the night cream. This moisturizer can hydrate your skin and provide maximum moisture during the night. Not only that, moisturizer can also make your skin feel more firm and supple because it has been optimally hydrated.

7. Night Cream

You can use night cream or night cream to cover your night care series. Night cream treatment is very important for you because it can provide optimal care for your face with a thicker formula and work more leverage.

Tips Ordering Using Skincare In The Morning!

Here are the ordering tips on using an early morning skin care product to get your skincare working more optimally.

1. Cleanser

Always start your facial care ritual by cleaning it thoroughly. When you wake up, usually dead skin cells will accumulate due to the regeneration of skin cells and remnants of exfoliation from the toner at night. Dead skin cells that accumulate this will clog the pores and can lead to skin problems such as acne and dull skin. Therefore, you must clean your face first before using other morning skincare or use your makeup.

2. Toner

Once your face is clean, continue your morning skin care using toner. The use of toner can provide various beauty benefits for your skin such as moisturizing the skin, shrink the pores, and balance the pH of the facial skin. This step can also be your skincare booster so that other skincare products can work with more leverage.

3. Moisturizer

Want your skin to stay young? The key is simply to keep your skin moist! The skin is well hydrated tend to stay younger because it can maintain skin firmness so it can prevent wrinkles on the skin. In addition, moisturizer can also brighten your face and make it softer and supple.

4. Sunscreen

Sun protection is a must! You certainly know that UVA and UVB exposure can cause various skin problems such as black spots, hyperpigmentation, even skin cancer. Therefore, this one skincare should not pass from your morning skincare routine! Always use sunscreen every morning before leaving the house to provide protection on your skin. Sunscreen with SPF 25 content is enough to protect the skin layer from the dangers of sunlight. Select also sunscreen that suits your skin type, because each sunscreen is formulated using active ingredients that vary according to the needs of each skin type.

5. Lip Balm

In addition to treating facial skin, do not forget also to care for your lips health. Apply lip balm every morning to keep your lips moist so as not to dry and cracked. The use of lip balm with SPF content on a regular basis can also brighten your dark lip color. This is because the SPF contained in lip balm capable of counteracting sunlight which is the main factor causing dark lips. In addition, select also lip balm is rich in antioxidants that can fight toxins that accumulate in the lips that causes the color of the lips to black. So, do not forget to use lip balm every day.